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Q. How can I sign up for automatic withdrawal from my checking account to pay my assessment?

A. Click here to download the ACH form.

Q. How can I send automatic checks from my on-line bank account to pay my assessments?

A. Send an email to accounting@summitmanage.com with both the name of your association and 'need account number' in the subject line of the email. Include the full name(s) of the homeowners, address and name of association. You will receive an email back with your account number. Please make your payment payable to your Association, and put your account number in the memo line of the payment. Should you have any questions, please call our accounting department at 703-360-0904, ext. 1. 

How can I request an Architectural Review Request?

A. Go to the Homeowners tab on the Summit Management home page, and select "Architectural Review Application Request".

Q. I have a maintenance issue I need to bring to the attention of my community manager.

A. Summit Management is the managing agent for your community and has responsibility for oversight of maintenance of the Common Areas.In order to facilitate a rapid response to and track requests for maintenance, please observe the following procedures when confronting a maintenance matter:

  1. For an EMERGENCY involving fire, flood, life safety, or threat of property loss, call 911 if appropriate, and then call our main office number at 301-495-0146. Bypass the auto-attendant by pushing “0” and inform the receptionist of your name, the name of your community and the nature of the emergency.

  2. For NON-EMERGENCY maintenance of the Common Areas, the preferred method to submit a request is for you to visit our website at http://www.summitmanage.com, click on “Homeowners” and then “Service Request” from the drop down menu. You will receive a confirmation email in 24 hours and your community manager will determine the best course of action. Please note that this is for Common Area or Common Element maintenance only. Should you prefer to phone in your request, please call customer service at 301-495-0146. Be sure to include your name, phone number, email, the association you are calling about, and the nature of the maintenance request.In either case, your request will be forwarded to your community manager who will confirm receipt VIA EMAIL and determine the best course of action. 

  3. For IN-UNIT Emergency or IN-UNIT Non-Emergency Maintenance, please be aware the your condominium documents state that you are responsible, even if the emergency is caused by a problem stemming from another unit.This is often the cause of homeowner frustration.If the problem is confined to your unit, please contact your own contractor directly.If you believe that the problem is under warranty from the developer, please contact the developer directly. 

  4. For Emergencies or Non-Emergencies stemming from outside your unit, such as a ceiling leak coming from above, please attempt to contact your neighbor directly and have the issue resolved. Unit owners are responsible for their own units. If your neighbor damages your unit, contact your own insurance agent to determine how best to proceed.

  5. Should you have difficulty resolving an issue with a neighbor, or if you believe the issue is coming from a Common Area problem (leaking roof, main sewer backup, etc.), contact the management company as above.The management company will work with the Board of Directors to determine to what extent the management needs to be involved.

After normal business hours, or if a receptionist does not answer, please dial our emergency answering service at 301-421-4801 and inform them of your name, the name of your community and the nature of the emergency. The answering service will activate a phone tree and keep calling until they reach a management company representative. However, in the event your call is not considered an emergency, the answering service will hold the call for the management company until the next business day. The answering service sends a follow up email the next day to the management company as well.