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Adding Value to Your Community

About Summit Management Services, Inc. AAMC

Our Philosophy

We add value to the community by bringing expertise and experience in community governance, fiscal discipline, and operational services to your condominium or homeowners association with the objective of relieving the Board of Directors of the day-to-day responsibilities and making the community an enjoyable place to live.

As such, Summit Management Services, Inc., AAMC aims for the following:

  • Maintain and enhance value for individual owners and the community by maintaining the curb appeal of the community;

  • Preserve assets of individual owners and the community by developing and adhering to a preventative maintenance program and replacement reserve schedule that meets capital requirements while staying within budget;

  • Provide professional assistance in the management of fiscal, administrative and operational matters. This is done through careful record keeping, planning and the use of the latest property management software;

  • Establish and maintain continuity as the individuals serving on the Board of Directors changes from year to year by providing record keeping and institutional memory for your condominium or homeowners association.

Our Focus

Our ONLY business is Community Association Management. We're passionate about our work and are dedicated to providing a high level of professional management for your community.

  • Learn about the three levels of service we offer for your community: Levels of Service.