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Financials Only Management Services

This option is available for hands-on Boards or associations with highly professional on-site staff capable of assisting the Board in the governance of the community.

Maintain Association Books and Accounts

  • Maintain all Association accounts, including; checking, savings and reserve accounts.
  • Allow Board Members on-line access to review accounts.
  • All checks over the amount of $2,500.00 shall require two signatures to be valid.
  • Any disbursements from the reserve accounts shall bear, at a minimum, one signature of a Board member.
  • Online access for owners to review accounts (fee basis).
  • Maintain Association financial records as required by statute or "best practices".

Collect assessments (on whatever schedule the association uses)

  • Annual Coupon books or Statement mailed for a fee assessed to the homeowner.
  • Late notices sent per Association's governing documents and collections policy.
  • Certified letters for delinquent accounts.
  • Coordination with Association attorney for collections (fee basis).
  • Lockbox service (no charge).
  • ACH (automatic payment deduction) (no charge).
  • Credit card payment option (bank charge per transaction).
  • On-line “E-Check” option (no charge).

Review and pay invoices

  • Code according to association's budget.
  • Compare invoice to contracted price.
  • Adhere to spending limits authorized by Board in our management agreement.
  • Provide monthly report of disbursements to the Board.

Coordinate Investments

  • Deposit association funds, in accordance with an approved reserve schedule, into interest bearing accounts approved by the Association and maintain such accounts for the benefit of the Association.
  • Provide a monthly report of such investment activity, showing specific amounts deposited, and interest earned on each account to the Board.
  • Coordinate with Association's investment advisor for large reserve amounts.

Financial Reporting

  • Prepare monthly and year-end financial reports on an accrual basis, per GAAP, and in a format accepted by independent auditors.

Audit and Tax Filing

  • Assist the association's auditor in preparation of the annual audit and financial report and filing of federal and state income taxes.

To submit a proposal for management of your community click here: Management Proposal Request