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Adding Value to Your Community

Full Service Management

Includes comprehensive management of your Association's administration, operational, and financial needs.

Community Governance

Support the Board of Directors

  • Implement policies and procedures as established by the Board of Directors
  • Assist the Board in drafting and compiling rules and regulations for the Association. 
  • Provide notice to owners of changes/additions to the rules and assist in enforcement of same.
  • Attend all regularly scheduled board meetings and provide packages to board members in advance of meeting.
  • Attend one budget meeting.
  • Attend annual meeting

Collect and Organize Complete Files for the Association

  • Owners, committees, meetings, governing documents.
  • Complaints, insurance, legal matters, service contracts.
  • Site plans, utilities and taxes.
  • Maintain book of minutes provided by Association.

Transition from Developer or Prior Management Company

  • Implement an established set of procedures for the transition of management from developer or prior management to set the tone for a smooth transition.
  • Assign an experienced transition coordinator to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.

Correspond with Owners

  • Write violation letters regarding in accordance with governing documents or other policies.
  • Track and follow up to ensure compliance.

Resale Packet Preparation

  • Prepare all necessary documentation required for the resale of a Unit or Lot.
  • Fee to be paid by current owner.

Architectural Review Committee Coordination

  • Assist Architectural Review Committee in regularly scheduled walkthrough of the community to review architectural guideline compliance.
  • Prepare correspondence and track compliance of owners found to be in violation. 

Support Retained Professionals

  • Accountant: tax return preparations, year-end audits.
  • Engineers: reserve analyses, needs assessments, transition warranties, and preventative maintenance schedules for building systems.
  • Insurance Adjusters: Coordinate insurance claim related work.
  • Association Attorney: lien filings against severely delinquent members; actions against developer.


  • Prepare management articles to be placed in regular newsletter to owners.

Website Hosting

  • Host Association-supported website through Smartstreet.com, our on-line banking partner.

Community Operations

Conduct Site Visits

  • Conduct sufficient site visits to ensure the proper operation of the community.
  • Prepare site visit reports to be included in regular Board packages.
  • Create action items or work orders based on observations in accordance with the adopted budget of the Association.

Manage On-site Employees, Contractors and Service Contracts

  • On-site staffing as detailed in Schedule B of the Management Agreement.
  • Regular service contractors such as trash removal and grounds maintenance.
  • Special maintenance and repair contractors.

Provide Maintenance Personnel

  • •Summit Management can provide maintenance personnel on a time and materials basis. for part-time regular maintenance or "handyman" jobs.

Oversee Annual Maintenance Checklist as Developed by Board or Engineer

  • Renewal or bidding of service contracts.
  • Renewal or bidding of insurance policies.
  • Spring landscape review with contractor.
  • Identification of capital replacement projects.
  • Inspection of major components.

Manage bid solicitation and review

  • Prepare specifications or contract with engineer to prepare.
  • Prepare and distribute Requests for Proposals.
  • Collect and submit to Board with comparisons and analysis to facilitate Board decision.

Insurance Claims Administration

  • Promptly investigate and make full written reports as to any major accidents or claims for damage relating to the property and complete any required reports for the insurance company.
  • Act as Association's representative to contractors or adjusters involved in any claim related work.

Provide On-Call Services

  • Establish a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, emergency call system for the Association.

Extra Support for your Association

Summit Management Services provides many extras in support of your Association's operations, which are generally billed outside of the base Management Fee. These services may not necessarily be applicable to or desired by your Association. These services include:

  • Administration of Condominium Leasing Policy
  • Owner/Tenant Move Administration
  • Pool or Recreation Pass Administration
  • Parking Pass Administration Association
  • Employee Payroll Administrative Fee Administrative Fee
  • Administration of Employee Insurance Benefits
  • Annual Architectural Review, including all follow-up
  • Insurance Claim Administration
  • Special /Reserve/Capital Project Administration
  • Storage of file boxes and records prior to current year

To submit a proposal for management of your community click here: Management Proposal Request