Every journey requires a skilled partner
Adding Value to Your Community

Our Mission

We strive to be the community association management company of choice. An organization that seeks to build long term partnerships with an association's governing body, and to assist in creating a satisfying community experience. Our success will be built upon our Core Values, and our commitment to Communication, Transparency and Professionalism.

Our Philosophy

We add value to communities by bringing expertise and experience in community governance, fiscal discipline and operational services to condominium or homeowners associations. Our objectives are to relieve the Board of Directors of the day-to-day responsibilities and to make the community an enjoyable place to live.

Our Focus

Our ONLY business is Community Association Management. We're passionate about our work and are dedicated to providing a high level of professional management for your community.

Why Select Summit Management Services, Inc.?

Summit Management Services, Inc. is a State Licensed Association Management Company that services all the needs of Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations, Cooperatives and Commercial properties throughout the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan area. We are dedicated to assisting the Board of Directors in conducting the financial, legal governance, and community affairs of the association on the owners' behalf. What distinguishes us from the competition is our commitment to helping your community succeed.